ZigurFest 2020 (Teaser) - Original score.

Encontros da Imagem (Photography) - Original score.


SOLAR NIGHT OF PROJECTIONS - Live performance by Daily Misconceptions

The Festival seeks to strengthen the strategy of revealing the authors discovered, throughout the action "SOLAR NIGHT OF PROJECTIONS", allowing a productive dialogue with the city and with the national and international art circuit. We challenged a national band, Daily Misconceptions, to musicalize the selected portfolios, expanding the visual universe of the authors discovered by the Open Call, promoted by the Festival.


1000 Years From Now by Gabriel Carpes (Photography) - Original score.


1000 Years From Now (2016-2018) explorer the fallout of one of the largest political crises in Brazilian History. The project is centered following Dilma Rousseff's impeachment e before the rise of Jair Bolsonaro as a credible presidential candidate. Unrest and polarization were replaced by calm and apathy, The images explore the melancholy present in this period following the chaos of previous years. These were the in-between chapters of History and this project was an attempt to capture the pieces of the present that will echo into the future.


Festival Um ao Molhe (Short Doc) - Audio post production.

Festival Gigantes Invisíveis (Teaser)  - Original score.

Mário Rita ​(short doc) - Audio post production.

Nobre Casa de Cidadania  ​(short doc) - Audio recording and post production.

A Outra Guiné ​(short doc) - Original score and audio post production.

The Green Studio at IC19 ​(short docs) - Audio mixing and post production.


Canal 180 ​(live music & interviews) - Audio recording and post production.

Live Music (concerts) - Audio recording and post production.

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